Kate Hudson Joins The Buzzcut Club And Shaves Her Head

Kate Hudson before her buzzcut
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Following in the newly shaven footsteps of Cara Develingne, Kristen Stewart, Milly Bobby Brown and just about every cool girl in east London right now, Kate Hudson has shaved off her golden locks.

The actress, famed for her Barbie-ish looks and her “fitspirational” life promoting her athletic wear range Fabletics, has opted for a buzzcut for her latest film role. And she looks absolutely incredible with it, too.

Kate Hudson Shaves Her Head For New Movie Role!!!! Whoa! Kate Hudson looked like a whole new woman when she was spotted in Los Angeles on July 25 rockin’ a ‘very’ different hairstyle. The actress, who is known for her Goldie Locks look, has completely shaved her head! Kate Hudson, 38, is prepared to die for her art, or at least shave her head for it. On July 25, the How to Lose A Guys in 10 Days star was noticeably missing a very important item on the set of a new project she’s working on with singer Sia, 41, in Los Angeles: her hair! Kate reportedly shaved her head for the new role in a musical directed by the singer, and she actually looks fantastic. Yeah or Nah for Kate Hudson shaved hair? #skye9tv #hollywood #katehudson #hollywoodstars #celebrities #hairshave #moviecharacters

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Hudson was pictured with the statement cut on set in Los Angeles for the project, which also stars singer Sia.

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Now, we’re finding it REALLY hard to resist a £20 No.3 at our local barbers next time we go for a chop.There’s just something super liberating about having short hair and being a woman, an element about the androgynous style that allows us to control our own femininity. We can define ourselves as women outside of the realms of conventional gender stereotyping. And that, to us, is extremely appealing.

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