Justin Bieber Fan Tries To Make A Quick Buck…From His Right Yeezy

Justin Bieber

A Justin Bieber fan who claims to have caught his shoe at a concert is now hoping to make a fast buck by selling it online.

The unnamed music lover was at a recent gig in Frankfurt, Germany, when JB took off his right Yeezy and lobbed it into the crowd.

Having narrowly avoided being face-planted by the white trainer, the Belieber raced home and listed it on eBay with a starting bid of €5,000 (£4,400) – but she soon found herself coming under fire.

Writing on the listing post, the fan said: “Disclaimer: Through all the media attention people keep asking why we are selling the shoe: We do like Justin and his music but there are people dying to have this shoe and we are just no huge beliebers so it wouldn’t be fair to keep it [sic].

Justin Bieber Yeezy
(Photo: eBay)

“Also part of the profit will be DONATED to a local charity if we sell the shoe.”

The ad continues: “Why not selling it to make someone happy and do something good for other people as well?

“Selling the ORIGINAL YEEZY that Justin Bieber has worn and has thrown in the crowd at wireless festival in Frankfurt. We can provide you with more pictures to proof that this is the original one[sic].


Obviously, the authenticity of Justin’s Yeezy cannot be verified. So basically, if you fancy owning a single right shoe, which may or may not have once adorned Justin’s tootsie, then go ahead and bid. You’ve got until Tuesday (4 July).

We, however, may just take a rain check.


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