John Lewis’ Awesome Gin Advent Calendar Is Back In Stock For 2018


If you think that October is far too early to be getting excited about Christmas, think again — if you’re a gin lover, that is.

Last year, department store John Lewis answered all of our boozy wishes by adding a gin advent calendar to its shelves over two months ahead of Christmas day. Back then it sold out in hours, leaving many of us disappointed.

The good news is the boozy advent calendar is now back in stock for 2018 just in time for you to spend the remainder of your October salary.

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This advent doesn’t just contain your standard Gordon’s and Bombay Sapphire, oh no. This festive treat is filled with 25 5cl bottles of tasty varieties by Edinburgh Gin, a specialist brand that makes everything from raspberry to rhubarb and ginger flavoured mixes, both of which you’ll find as you countdown the days to 25th December.

Gin Advent Calendar

There’s even a special edition frankincense and myrrh blend to enjoy, as well as the brand’s Cannonball Navy Strength option, which is sure to pack a real punch.

Even better, the whole advent calendar is vegetarian and vegan friendly, gluten, wheat and dairy free, so you can literally share your miniatures with all of your friends (apart from those under 18, obvs). Or why not split the cost, as the whole calendar does come in at a fairly hefty £120 – an increase of £20 from 2017.

Alternative advent calendars

However, John Lewis isn’t the only retailer that will entice us with a boozy Chrimbo calendar this year. B&M, Aldi and Iceland have already revealed their own alcoholic advent calendars.

B&Ms gin advent calendar is already in store whilst Aldi and Iceland’s wine advent calendars are set to launch in November 2018. They may be a bit pricier than your average chocolate-filled option at the £50 and £55 mark, but are sure to make every evening in December a lot more interesting…

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