Jesy Nelson Was In Harry Potter And About A Boy

Jesy Nelson
Jesy Nelson/ Instagram

Some publications have run away with this one a bit and claimed Little Mix star Jesy Nelson had a “secret acting career”. That’s a bit of a long shot. But if ever there was some random movie trivia that might, on a very off chance, become a quiz question one day, this is it.

The 25-year-old confirmed in an Australian radio interview (see YouTube below) that she was in Harry Potter – and also About A Boy. If you pause the films at precisely the right moment and squint really hard, you might even spot her.

“Jesy you were in Harry Potter”, DJ Smallzy (actual DJ name) asked her.

Jesy replied: “I was in Harry Potter!

“I’ve been in a few others hun, About A Boy with Hugh Grant.”

When asked what her role in the 2002 film entailed, Jade Thirlwall responded: “She was in an assembly room people 127.”

“And you can actually see me if you pause the tape,” Jesy added.

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“Did you name appear in the credits at the end?”

“No,” she continued, “I was in About A Boy, you can see my little round head.”

So. There you are. Here endeth the story.

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