How Did We Miss This? Jeremy Corbyn Takes Difficult Bork From Sausage Dog

Jeremy Corbyn Dog
Photo by Getty

Thus far, Jeremy Corbyn has managed to avoid any embarrassing photo opportunities involving food, unlike Theresa May, who was recently photographed confronting a cone of chips like an alien species.

Let us also cast our memories back to Ed Miliband’s attempt at tackling a bacon sandwich, and David Cameron seemingly proving his untrustworthiness by eating a hot dog with a knife and fork.

Well, Corbyn hasn’t humiliatingly failed at eating a falafel kebab, or dropped a large dollop of hummus down his honourable chin. But he was caught surprised when he came face-to-face with one voter on the campaign trail in Great Yarmouth over the weekend.

Photo by Getty

Introducing plucky pooch Cody the sausage dog, who remained cool and dignified as he met Mr Corbyn alongside his owner.

To his bemusement, Corbyn’s response to his cheerful bork was as follows. And we love it: 

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For all the anxiety and uncertainty this snap election is causing, we are so grateful (flower reaction) for moments like this one.

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