Someone Has Made A Jeremy Corbyn Platform Game And It’s Amazing

Corbyn Run game

From start to finish, this General Election has been weirder than most. We’re yet to see people’s dogs and cats get fully involved in the democratic process (wait until polling day for that one), but we have seen the world of grime get behind Jeremy Corbyn for a unique campaign, as well as creating a dedicated song, “Corbyn Riddin'”, in the Labour leader’s honour. Meanwhile, “weak and wobbly” Theresa May naysayers have been plastering the town with “Strong And Stable My Arse” posters.

Now, the gaming community has gotten involved and created a ‘CorbynRun’ platform game “by the people, for the people.”

“Are you ready to join Jeremy Corbyn to transform Britain?” reads the blurb on the download screen, followed by this message:

“We could fund the NHS, invest in jobs, homes and infrastructure, and create a better future for the many. But Theresa Mayhem’s Conservatives are holding us back. We’re in a race against time to defeat a rigged system. Gather People Power, Build a Movement – Together We Can Win.”

It also comes with a disclaimer: “Any resemblance to actual persons or aliens, living or dead, is purely hilarious and cool, and entirely coincidental.”

See the boss level when Theresa May leers out at a sprinting Corbyn from a helicopter for details.

Download the game here now, and attempt to complete it before the 8 June in 10 days time. Will you too manage to ebb the flow of the Conservative tide before it’s too late? Here’s hoping.

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