Ivanka Trump Sanitary Towels Could Soon Be A Thing

Ivanka Trump
Photo by Shutterstock

Ivanka Trump’s name may be riddled with controversy following her father President Donald Trump’s calamitous and frightening first 33 days in office. But not all are “doing a Nordstrom” and dropping all mention of the first daughter from their stores.

In fact, oversees in China, businesses are chomping at the bit to harness the incredible power of Ivanka’s world famous name to sell products of their choosing.

According to the South China Morning Post, at least 65 companies and individuals have submitted applications to use her name for their products. Her popularity in the country has surged since she made a visit to China earlier this month.

The products in competition for the Ivanka touch are hugely varied, ranging from wallpaper and alcohol to sanitary towels.

The applications are currently still being processed, so we wait with baited breath to discover whether women in China will indeed rely on Ivanka’s absorbent new branding once a month.

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