How To Pump Your Music Louder On Your iPhone

Because sometimes you just want to pump it louder (Shutterstock)

If you’re anything like us, you love anything that makes life that little bit easier, less stressful and just generally better, which is why we are jumping with joy over what must be the coolest iPhone hack out there.

Twitter user @TheBaeMarcus (great name) was playing around on his phone when he discovered an awesome feature many don’t know about lurking deep in the settings.

iPhones are not known for their sound quality and sometimes, when trying to drown out annoying noise around you, you wish the volume on your music could go louder and sound clearer. Basically, you wish you were plugged into a top of the range speaker system instead, pretty as your phone might be.

But you think you need to splurge to improve your audio experience, think again. Presenting the Late Night mode.

To find this, simple go Settings – Music – EQ. There you will be met with a long list of options. Select Late Night. Do this while listening to music and you’ll notice the improvement immediately. Hurrah, right?!

The effect is achieved by toning down loud sounds and turning up quiet ones to give an overall better quality.

Try experimenting with the other options too and let us know which you like the best.

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Originally Aug 10 17