Bad News For iPhone 5 Users

iphone 5
Only iPhone 5S will work with the new software update (Shutterstock)

Now for all we know, you might be as up to date as it’s possible to be when it comes to tech. But if you’re the friend in your group who insists that there is nothing wrong with their old phone and you will only replace it once it breaks, you might want to sit down. Especially if your trusty ringer happens to be an iPhone 5.

In short, Apple has picked today of all days (our election anxiety is already rising hello?) to drop the news that the next iOS software update will not work on their older models.

iOS 11 is expected to arrive around September, just as Apple releases its new phones. They know what they’re doing these tech giants.

If you have an iPhone 5S, you’re in luck, because like the most recent models, that phone has the required 64-bit chip. Otherwise, you’ll be using iOS 10 for the rest of time, meaning no bug fixes, new features, new emojis, anything.

iPad users will also be affected as iOS 11 will not work on iPads 4 and older.

Sorry, folks. On the plus side, this is the perfect excuse to splash out on a new phone.

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