Instagram Has Finally Added The Feature Everyone Has Wanted

We all have those Instagram friends. The ones that you knew in school or college that post every tiny aspect of their life to Instagram.  And let’s not forget the ex who is posting incessantly trying to prove they’re having the best life without you.

And most annoying, are those friends who make you feel insanely jealous with their amazing travel posts, huge houses and perfect other half.

We don’t want to see their posts, but unfollowing friends on Instagram isn’t an option as you know it’s going to cause dramz. Especially when we all check our ‘who unfollowed me’ account on a daily basis. So instead, we’ve all been left sighing and rolling our eyes while scrolling down.

Well we have good news for you.  In an effort to make your feed more interesting, Instagram has just announced they’re introducing a button that allows you to mute your friends. And the best part is that the person wont know they are muted. Hooray!

This new feature comes just a couple of months after Instagram changed the news feed from using an algorythm back to Chronological order following complaints from users. And since Kylie Jenner gave Snapchat 1.3 billion reasons to listen to users, it seems Instagram is changing for the better – and quickly!

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How to mute an account on Instagram

To mute an account simply “tap the … menu in the corner of the post” then “choose whether to mute posts, or mute posts and stories from an account.”

instagram mute buttonPlus you can always unmute an account if you get back with your ex or decide that old friends posts weren’t THAT terrible.

The mute button will roll out to everyone over the next few weeks.  And we can safely predict what most of us will immediately do when the new feature drops onto our account.

Ryan – MUTE

Jess – MUTE

Kate – MUTE

Charlie – MUTE

Jaymie – MUTE

Happy muting!