Ice Blue Hair Is The Most Unexpected Hair Colour Trend Of 2019 And We Are Digging It

ice blue hair
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Blue hair, don't care.

Move over bubblegum hair, a new bold hair colour has swept in with the wintery weather and we are loving it. Introducing ice blue.

It’s not the first time this cold colour has appeared at the turn of the year.  Back in December 2017, fashion forward Kim Kardashian stepped out in this gorgeous shade.

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And one year on, younger sister Kylie Jenner copied Kim to bring this striking shade back in to vogue for 2019.

But Kylie’s not the only celebrity reaching for the blue dye.  Days later, Lady Gaga turned heads when she arrived at the Golden Globes with ice blue hair that matched her lilac dress.

And it turns out people on Twitter are loving the colour.

Now if you’re wondering if ice blue is just for those with paler skin tones.  Fear not, it actually looks awesome on everyone, whether you are pale or dark.

We would however, recommend you visit a salon to get expert advice if you are unsure. And ask them to show you some swatches of the shade so you know exactly what you are getting.

But if you’re not a fan of the all-over dye job, why not try keep natural roots and going for an ice blue ombre ‘do?

We’d always recommend getting a salon professional to create this shade for you, but if you do want to DIY it, be sure to read our guide on bleaching your hair at home beforehand. There are also plenty of great blue dye options available on the high street now, which will let you transform into an ice blue beauty in no time.

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Tint in Light Blue, £12.53

icy blue hair dye


Schwarzkopf LIVE Pastel Spray, £4.29

icy blue hair dye

L’Oreal Colorista Hair Makeup Metallic Blue Temporary Blonde Hair Colour, £6.99

icy blue hair dye