Want To Go Vegan? These Four Little Tricks Will Really Help

Is it time to embrace the vegan life?

From single-use plastics to the production of meat, there are many things on the environmental agenda at the moment, and a lot of us are making a conscious effort to do our bit. Whether it’s lowering your consumption of animal-based products or taking your own cup to a coffee shop, all of these little things add up and can help you on your journey to becoming all-round more eco-friendly.

But what about if you want to go fully vegan for Veganuary or permanently, but have no idea how to get started? Or don’t feel like you’re in a supportive environment where the transition will be easy to make? Do not fear, as these handy hints should see you well on your way to the vegan life.

Monitor your makeup

Before even looking in your fridge, why not go vegan somewhere else in your life, like your makeup bag? Many products aren’t free of animal-based ingredients, but those that are will usually state their vegan status somewhere on the packaging or on their brand website.

We’ve also pulled together a handy list of beauty and skincare brands to help you work out whether they fit the bill or not, which you can take a look at right here.

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Go meat and dairy free at home

It may be hard when you’re out and about to stick to vegan dishes, but don’t sweat it. Start by altering your intake at home, where you have full power and control over what you eat. There a a gazillion delicious vegan recipes online for inspiration, so do that old fashioned thing and write yourself a shopping list before you hit the supermarket.

Thankfully, with veganism on the rise, shops are packed with great veggie and vegan options, including animal-free alternatives of your favourite foods. Meat-free meat? Got it. Dairy-free milk? Yup. It couldn’t be easier right now.

Research your restaurants

If you are heading out to eat, take control of the plans and be first to suggest somewhere to eat that you know caters for vegans. Pretty much all chain restaurants will now offer vegetarian and vegan dishes, so you know there’s always an option for you.

You can also use a restaurant checker such as happycow.net, which finds restaurants with vegan choices near you – and you’ll be surprised at how many there are!

Don’t ditch the indulgences

Going vegan doesn’t have to mean eating nothing else but boring veggies for eternity. In fact, a lot of your foodies favourite are actually vegan – chips, anyone? As long as they’re not prepared with animal fats or contain dairy, you can still stuff your face with comfort foods without feeling the guilt.

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Make your own chips at home using vegetable oil, buy dairy-free ice cream (which is delicious, btw), tuck into tasty bread and even keep noshing on dark chocolate, so you don’t feel like you’re missing out.