How To Get 28 Days Off For Just 12 Days Of Holiday

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January is a depressing time for most. The Christmas holiday is over, the diets have started, we’re all back at work and its far from tropical outside.

It’s only natural that we allow our minds to wander forward to summer, warmer climes and poolside holidays with bottomless cocktails.

But before you start eagerly booking time off for future vacations, here’s how you can get the most bang for your holiday leave buck.

For 18 Consecutive Days Off With Just Nine Days Leave…

This one’s all thanks to how bank holidays happen to fall In 2017.  This year, Good Friday falls on 14 April and Easter Monday on 17 April. As ever, the May Day bank holiday falls on 1 May, so workers who book from 14 April to 1 May off will only need to use nine days of holiday allowance for 18 days off in a row.

Then Take Nine Days Off With Just Three Days Leave…

Get in there quickly for next Christmas and book 27-29 December as holidays. Christmas Day falls on a Monday, and Tuesday is Boxing Day. New Year’s Day is also on a Monday this year, meaning this savvy advanced leave plan will give you nine days off in a row for just three days of annual leave.

You’re welcome.

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