Going To Uni? Here’s 10 Easy Ways To Make Your Room Feel Warm And Cosy On A Budget

how to decorate your uni room

It’s almost time to head off to university, but amongst all the party planning have you stopped to think how to decorate your uni room?

It may not sound important, but trust us, it is.

When your parents see you off and you’re left in your new room, having some homely cosy touches will make all the difference when it comes to feeling comfortable and avoiding that dreaded home sickness.

From fairy lights to simply DIY, we’ve found some cool ideas to do up your dorm room so you better start taking notes…

How to decorate your uni room

1. Hang photos off your must have fairy lights

We don’t care what anyone says about how millennial this is, it looks cool and pretty, OK? Just make sure you don’t leave them on overnight or when you go out, just in case.


2. Buy easy to keep indoor plants

Whether a cactus is your limit or you can opt for something a little leafier, this one simple trick will add life to your room.


3. Remember, book shelves aren’t just for books

You’ll likely already have a shelf in your room, if not, ask if you can put one up. Half fill with essential books and the rest can be filled with pretty pots, lights, coloured jars with fake flowers you won’t kill… you get the idea.

4. A little bit of DIY goes a long way

Grab some old shoe boxes and wrap them in punchy wrapping paper to add some colour to your room (and extra storage space).

5. Get your self a grid

A wall grid always looks cool with bits hanging off it and is practical to. You can just rest it against the wall too on the floor if you’re not allowed to drill – it’ll still look seriously chic. Another great idea on how to decorate your uni room.

6. Hang photos on cute mini pegs and string

This is a simple inexpensive way to get your room feeling more homely and friendly.


7. Washi tape everything

Washi tape is a Japanese tape that literally is just colourful or printed adhesive tape. You can decorate everything with it and we mean everything. From the edges of your book shelf to your charger, it will brighten everything up.

8. Borrow as many cushions as possible from your parents and if you haven’t got enough, order cheap ones online.

Cushions piled high look cool and they make the place look warm and cosy. If your parent’s ones are naff, get on YouTube and learn how make a funky new cover for yourself (or ask someone who can). Alternatively, check out some charity shops, cheap homeware stores and websites for a few new ones.


9. Clothes hanger art

Get creative with how to hang a cool picture or print or photos of your friends. We love this idea with coat hangers.

university room decorating ideas
Photo credit: http://www.oldbrandnewblog.com/

10. DIY candle jars

Don’t spend loads of money on fancy new candles, spend a few quid on electric candles as they’re safer. Then use an old jar that’s for the recycling and either paint it, wrap some string around it or cover it in pretty material to create your unique candle holder. The one below is pretty fancy, but you can get more ideas here that look a little simpler.


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