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The Hottest Home Decor Trends To Look Out For

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Nature will continue to be a big inspiration for designers into 2018 (Scott Webb/Pexels)

It’s fair to say that most of our homes could not be further from the luxe likes of Beyonce and Jay Z’s Malibu mansion or Cheryl’s former £5million digs, but with a little TLC, it’s possible to make even the shabbiest rented flat the envy of your pals.

Here at Shevolution, we extol the virtue of wearing whatever the hell you want, and that extends to decorating your home however the hell you want, too.

But if you’re in need of inspiration and fancy a gander at some of the biggest trends set to take the home decor world by storm, look no further.

Do it like the French

Searches for French-inspired decor are rocketing on Pinterest, with pinners especially falling in love with blush details and black and white photography.

Go tropical

Tropical patterns are rising in popularity, especially bold wallpapers. Bring your next holiday to you with an accent wall covered in banana leaf print. Designs featuring butterflies for a touch of girly whimsy are another top tip.

Bronze it up

Not a new one, this, but you can expect to see a slant towards silver when it comes to the most popular metallics. Bronze is also one to watch, as an industrial style has its moment in the spotlight.

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Navy is your best friend

Navy works beautifully with all colours and looks particularly fetching when paired with a brighter hue. Use it to tie traditional and modern elements of your design together.


Back to earth

Colour lovers, prepare to be disappointed. Earthy tones are heading for decor domination as designers turn to nature for their colour palettes. Reddy rusts, warm terracottas, pretty peaches, soft greys, soothing greens and calming blues will be particularly ‘in’ come 2018.

Mad about marble

Marble is going to stay cool, but you may start spotting more colours around – especially browns, greens and blacks in accordance with the above. Bored of marble? Try an all-black kitchen instead – including the kitchen sink – for a glam on-trend style. Pair it with plants for added pizzazz.

Feature fireplaces

Thought the kitchen was the heart of the home? Think again. It’s all about the fireplace, regardless of the season. Think elaborate shaping with pretty inlays. Basically, let your hearth steal the show and be the focus of the room.

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The more the merrier

Texture instantly adds warmth and depth to a room and the coming year is likely to bring layers into the mix, too. Farewell minimalism, hello embossed surfaces, metallic threading and striking metal detailing.

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