Hocus Pocus To Be Turned Into A TV Movie – But Fans Aren’t Impressed

Hocus Pocus

Every Halloween you can guarantee that cult classic Hocus Pocus will be on the TV as one of those go-to movies for the spooky season.

Who can forget those infamous Sanderson sisters, played by Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy, who get resurrected by Max lighting the “black flamed candle” for one night only?

It turns out, similarly to those other Disney classics that have had a huge 21st century update, the Disney Channel is in the very early stages of developing a Hocus Pocus TV movie. But will it ever be as good as the original?

In a recent interview with Forbes, Mick Garris – one of the original writers of the 1993 film – hinted at the possibility of a Hocus Pocus TV project.

The cult-classic was written by Garris and Neil Cuthbert, based on a story by Garris and Kirschner, and directed by Kenny Ortega – the man behind Disney’s two major TV movie franchises, High School Musical and The Descendents. Kirschner’s also widely known for creating Curious George, An American Tail and The Addams Family TV series.

The new Hocus Pocus remake though, will have an entirely new cast and a brand new director. Now it’s pretty rare for any form of sequel to do as well as the classic (think most films EVER created) so some might consider this sequel – sorry, remake – a bit risky.

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So far, fans of the original don’t seem so convinced by the idea:

Even former Glee actor Laura Dreyfuss had to hold back on some stern words about this ludicrous idea on Twitter, saying “Good thing I don’t have more than 140 characters bc you would get my opinion on why Hocus Pocus is a perfect movie and shouldn’t be remade”

Bette herself is clearly up for it given her Halloween costume last year:

So, Disney, please give the people what they want! A magic-filled, wand toting sequel starring the original cast – and nothing less please.