Here’s How To Save Some Cash And Get All Your MAC Products For £10

MAC makeup

As much as we love it, makeup IS pretty expensive. Most foundations alone cost between £20-30, and if you’re buying everything in one go – you’d better make sure you do it around Pay Day or else it could bankrupt you for the month. Yikes.

That being said, what if you could buy all your favourite products from MAC for JUST £10? And we promise we’re not lying…

So this nifty little trick means you will not only be able to own all of your favourite lip colours etc., but you’ll also get to keep more cash in your pocket (or buy even more than you bargained for – the choice is yours).

Introducing Little MAC – the part of the MAC website that you may or may not know already exists, but is actually a collection of all the mac products in a miniature version. Think travel-size minis for your hand luggage.

While it may seem less economical – as in, you’re paying less because there’s less product – that’s not necessarily true.

Thinking back to that infamous Reddit thread during the summer, where user, ZiggityStarlust wanted some reassurance from her fellow Reddit users that the miniature Too Faced mascara was in fact better value than the full-sized product because it didn’t dry up as fast, or clog up on her lashes.

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So really, the same sort-of, applies here – at least with the mascaras and even if we’re really going to town – sample size perfumes. Plus, travel sized products are great for carrying around in your handbag, or even secret santa presents, since it’s nearly THAT time of year and all.

Plus, how many times have you gone into a make up store and asked to try a sample of a product, only for them to tell you they’ve run out, or they don’t have samples available? This way, you can try out new colours, and you’re only parting with £10, so it’s a win-win all round.

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