Here’s How To Save Over £600 In A Year Without Trying

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This sounds like the dream doesn’t it? Ending a year with over £600 and you didn’t feel like you were trying to save or even putting money away. At least not until you see that piggy bank or your online banking account and discover you’re actually in the black, with +£600.

Saving is already hard enough as it is, when you think of all your outgoings vs. your incomings. Chances are you’re not earning millions, but you are getting by while paying rent or giving some cash each month to your folks, phone bills, that Neflix subscription, maybe even a Spotify or Apple Music subscription, oyster card… when all that’s gone, you’ve barely got enough to survive for the month, let alone to take a chunk of it and put it a way for a rainy day!

So this little set up sounds like a pretty good deal. You won’t notice the money missing, and by the end of the year, you’ll have saved yourself £667.95. If you like the sound of this little challenge, here’s what you need to do:

Starting on 1 January, put aside 1p, then 2 January – 2p, 3 January – 3p and so on. Once you reach February, you’ll add in 32p (because it’s the 32nd day of the year) and keep adding an extra 1p to your total until you reach £3.65 on 31 December.

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So since we’re on the 9 January already, if you’d rather be up-to-date and not have to worry about catching up, the total you’ll have to put aside (including today’s addition) is 45p. Pretty sure we can all do that, right?

But if the idea of putting more money away each day towards the end of the year when you’ve got even more expenses from the festive period doesn’t sound too appealing, why not start with the big chunks now?

For example, 1 January – £3.65, 2 January – £3.64, 3 January – £3.63 and so on until you only have to add a teeny, tiny 1p on 31 December.

And ta-da! If you start now, you’ll be £667.95 richer in exactly 356 days.


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