Here’s A Cara Delevingne Doll Encased In Ecstasy, For Art

Spirit of Ecstasy
Her likeness is scarily realistic (Kenny McCraken)

She’s walked the runways at fashion weeks across the world, starred in campaigns for the most high-end labels and even released her own music, but Cara Delevingne’s latest appearance involves a whole load of ecstasy — 7,254 pills, to be exact.

(Kenny McCraken)

However, we’re not looking at the real Cara here. Entitled ‘The Spirit Of Ecstasy’, the controversial art piece features “a hyperreal silicone and fibre glass model” of the British supermodel, with every literal fibre of her being recreated in exacting detail, from her individual eyebrow hairs to her unique foot tattoos.

The creative work of controversial contemporary talent Chemical X and fellow artist Schoony is said to cost £1million, and will be shown at a secret location in London later this month to a very exclusive bunch. It’s only being shown to “300 guests hand-picked from the worlds of film, music and art”, so looks like we’re not on the list…

(Kenny McCraken)

But what does it all mean? And why Cara?

“Art reflects society back on itself but that should be in an engaging and thought-provoking way,” says Chemical X. “My work is about potential suspended in an everlasting moment, allowing the viewer to see what has been, what is and what could be – all in the same instant.”

Ooook then. With his art featuring up to 17,000 pills per piece, all we’re wondering is how legal is it to have such a huge drug stash in one place? And how much money must he be spending on getting his hands on them? Talk about suffering (financially) for your art.

Scroll through more pictures of the piece below.

(Kenny McCraken)



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