Helix Tattoos: The Must-Have Trend Taking Over Instagram

helix tattoos

Rarely a day goes by without another “hot trend” taking over our Instagram feeds. It’s nigh on impossible to keep up. The latest beauty must-have is a helix tattoo: a tattoo along the narrow curve of your ear.

“Eh?” I hear you cry, a bit like you did after discovering ‘feather brows’. But a dig and delve has revealed some beautiful examples of this bizarre new fad. So much so that we’re almost tempted to splurge on a helix tat ourselves.

Credit for sparking the craze is believed to lie with Seoul tattoo artist Zihee, whose intricate designs fit beautifully inside the ear. She takes her inspiration from nature, blending watercolour illustrations with a modern, minimalist aesthetic, much to the delight of her 90k Instagram followers.

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Tattoo virgins worried about affecting their job prospects may be tempted by how easy it is to hide a helix tattoo. So long as you have enough hair to pull over your ears, there’s no need to worry.

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If you’re still unsure like us, why not get a friend to have a play with a pen and see how it looks first? Happy tatting!