The Heartbreaking Reason Trisha Disappeared From British TV

Trisha Goddard in 2006
Trisha Goddard at a screening in 2006

Daytime TV just isn’t the same without Trisha Goddard’s soothing, empathetic tone. Instead, we’ve got an aggressive verbal vigilante shouting at the less fortunate for sleeping with their brother’s cousin’s daughter’s boyfriend. Naming absolutely no names.

But the reason for Trisha’s departure from showbusiness – and also from the UK – is incredibly sad.

Making a welcome appearance on ITV’s ‘Lorraine’ (21 June), host Kelly asked her if she ever considered coming back to Blighty.

Trisha Goddard on ITV Lorraine show 2017
Trisha makes an appearance on Lorraine – ITV

Trisha responded by admitting she found the subject “hard to talk about”, before saying:

“A few hours after I was diagnosed with breast cancer, they were going to put it in the newspapers and I hadn’t even told my family yet. I hadn’t told my dad.

“I didn’t know whether I was going to get through the cancer or not and the intrusion was just…

“They had to get extra security where I was staying because of all the cameras trying to get a photo. My husband built a garden out in the back away from the road just so I was able to go outside in private.

“My poor nurse was traumatised by it. She was so shaken, poor Hazel. I told her, ‘Welcome to my world’ and she would say how unfair it was.

“That’s what did it for me. I couldn’t stay and be around what celebrities go through today. There needs to be a cut-off point.

“In America, I can run around, look a mess and not worry.”

Trisha was diagnosed with breast cancer nine years ago, and still receives some medical treatment for it.

In a show of support for the free access to healthcare we’re hanging onto by a thread in the UK via the NHS, she went on to highlight how different the healthcare system in the US really is.

She said: “In America, it’s not a given that you will get treatment if you have cancer – even if you have insurance.

“A friend of mine had cancer. She wasn’t given chemo because her policy didn’t cover it.

“She survived but then the cancer returned. When it came back she wasn’t covered by her insurance. They told her because she had already claimed once for it, she couldn’t claim again.”

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