Harry Styles Appears As Jesus In New Sign Of The Times Music Video

Harry Styles

If Jesus had a penchant for a moody trench and a pair of pirate boots, Harry Styles would be a modern-day incarnation. Not only does his fly above the Scottish wilderness in a cross formation in his new video for ‘Sign Of The Times’, but he walks on water, too.

The former One Direction star shot the daring scene over the Isle of Skye while he was suspended from a helicopter. The stunt pilot flying his holiness, Will Banks, said that Harry soared higher than the Eiffel Tower for the perfect shot at 1,550 feet. No green screen or CGI was used. We’re not sure whether this was a good or a bad thing, however, as he does clearly look like he’s being dangled over forests and stuff.

The single is from the 23-year-old’s self-titled debut, out on 12 May on Columbia Records.

This single hit No.4 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, a few places behind first single ‘Sweet Creature’, which made it to No.1.

And it seems there is still global appeal to catch a whiff of the One Direction action. Sales to see Styles live sold out in 29 different countries in just seconds when tickets were released on Friday 5 May.

For those who didn’t get tickets, apparently he’s always available. So. There you go. Fear not.

Sweet Creature is available now. Album is available in ten days. I am available always.

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