This Political Party Will Make Half Of The Cabinet Women If Voted In


There’s a large part of us that feels, in the year 2017, we shouldn’t have to write an article about a political party pledging to give women proportionate representation in the cabinet if they come into power. But it’s also still a time when funding for women’s domestic violence and rape services is being slashed, the gender pay gap still exists and one in four women still experience some form of sexual violence between the ages of 16 and 55.

So we are. Because we want it to happen, as it has in Canada and in France recently after the election of President Emmanuel Macron.

It has long been Jeremy Corbyn’s position, but yesterday Baroness Shami Chakrabarti, the Shadow Attorney General for the Labour party, told the audience present at the Fawcett Society’s Women’s Hustings: “We will make sure that 50 per cent of the cabinet are female.”

She also confirmed that a Labour government would ratify the Istanbul Conventionthe legal gold standard in combatting violence against women and girls – immediately, and give working parents of toddlers 25 free hours of childcare a week.

The Green Party’s deputy leader, Amelia Womack, echoed Labour’s sentiment and confirmed her party’s backing for the ratification of the Istanbul Convention. Women’s Equality Party candidate for Vauxhall, lawyer Harini Iyengar, said that her party would push for it to be ratified by the end of 2017.

Liberal Democrat Baroness Lorely Burt said the party would decriminalise sex work. Meanwhile, Conservative Baroness Charlotte Vere admitted her party were “a bit crap” on women’s issues. She didn’t mention the Istanbul Convention or proportionate representation, but did state that she was “horrified to hear of abuses in detention centres” like Yarl’s Wood, despite working in the Home Office.

Baroness Vere also refused to be drawn on the subject of women’s pensions, saying to concerned WASPI campaigners in the audience that she’ll be “working until I’m 75 or 80, but that’s just life”. The WASPI campaign aims to fight injustices regarding changes to their state pension age, which keeps going up with little to no notice given. Read more about that here.

Baroness Chakrabarti said that the Labour Party would compensate those women affected by the changes in state pension age.

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