Hair Tinsel Is The Christmas Trend Glitter Lovers Will Adore

Hair Tinsel
Get that festive feeling for your hair (Instagram: @hairdazzleofficial)

Ever thought your hair was missing that special Christmas something? How about strands of actual glitter? If that sounds right up your street, then prepare to fall in love with hair tinsel.

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Giving us serious 90s hair mascara vibes, hair tinsel sees strips of glitter added to your natural hair, giving you that extra pizzazz every time you swish your locks. The good news is that this look doesn’t require £500 and hours in a salon chair – you can easily do it yourself using a few different methods.

The easiest option is to tie the glitter strands to a kirby grip, slide the grip just under the top layer of your hair to hide it, then let your look sparkle! This method is also super easy to remove, as all you need to do is pull out the clips and you’re back to normal.

If you want your tinsel to last a bit longer, you can loop the glittering strips around a few strands of hair at your parting and pull to secure them in place. You’ll probably want a hand with this method as it can be a bit fiddly – scroll down below for a simple tutorial to get started.

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This Christmas look works for all hair colours – so just pick a shade that compliments your ‘do – and is easiest to create with long straight hair. But if you don’t want to reach for the straighteners, going back to the hair mascara of your youth may well be the answer…

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Originally published 17th November 2017