This Group Of BFFs Built Mini Houses Next To One Another So They Could Be Neighbours

bestie row

It’s sad fact of adult life that the end of uni often spells the end of living mere doors from your besties. No more strolling metres down the road from your sofa to theirs or knocking on their window to scare them after a trip to see a scary movie at the cinema. Pre-lashes are much harder to organise when your flats are in different parts of town, let alone different towns altogether. It’s all just a big fat grown-up shaped bummer.

This group of eight BFFs from Texas, however, have decided not to give in to the party pooper ways of conventional adulthood. Instead, they’ve built mini houses next to one another so they can all be neighbours. This group of eight BFFs are GENIUSES and the living, breathing definition of #squadgoals.


These pals had been friends for over 20 years before they took the plunge and began making their dream a reality. They bought land by the Llano river, hired an architect and ended up with four small but perfectly formed eco-friendly homes and a communal building where they can cook, eat and chill together.

They’re currently using the community as a holiday getaway but plan to move in full-time when they retire. In the meantime, you can rent it out on Airbnb.

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The pad of dreams has an official name too: Bestie Row. Excuse us while we dry our tears of joy.