Grey Is The New Lip Colour To Try This Winter

grey lips
Will you be giving this new shade a go? (Instagram: @emmahopkinsmua & @5758maryana)

When it’s cold, windy and grey outside, we usually start dressing a little darker to match the weather. Now, a new beauty trend is following suit, imploring us to paint our lips to match winter perfectly. Say hello to grey lips.

It may be the absolute last colour you think of applying to your mouth — eyes maybe, but lips? — but we’re weirdly into it. And it’s not just a Halloween trend, as makeup artists and beauty fans all over Instagram are wearing this colour on the regular right now.

So, why is it suddenly so popular? First of all, it actually looks good on every skin tone.

Secondly, beauty brands are getting better at giving us a wider variety of shades beyond pink/nude/red, allowing us to be more creative and adventurous with our makeup. Instead of a smoky eye with simple nude lips, we can now go smoky all over!

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And finally, it’s winter, so if there’s any opportunity to try a deep new shade beyond the usual autumnal berry tones, then this is it.

So, will you be trying grey lips? Give it a go with some of our favourite grey lipstick picks below!

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Originally published 31st October 2017