Glastonbury Is Set To Be Given A Makeover. Literally.

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If your memories of Glastonbury are fond because of the mud, the rain, the lack of showering and the layer upon layer of dry shampoo, you’re in for a shock. Glastonbury Festival-goers are set to be given a makeover this year and it’s all down to Benefit.

The company has launched ‘Glastonbrow’ that it has described as “…a glistening pink beacon” in the long queues to get into the festival. It is the first brows and beauty drive-thru where brow waxes and Benefit goodies are order of the day.

At Shevolution, we love Glasto because of the music, the dirt and no-one caring about your smudged eyeliner, so initially we weren’t convinced a beauty drive thru is what festivals are all about. However, once Benefit explained all the plus points, we think we’re on board…

What we usually look like at festivals. Credit: Getty Images Entertainment/Matt Cardy/Stringer

The Glastonbrow drive thru will be outside the festival on June 21 and 22. DJs will keep us entertained while we’re feeling sorry for ourselves in the hours of traffic jams on arrival.

Benefit explains: “Passers-by will be able to pull up to the window to receive the ultimate GlastonBrow drive-thru experience.

“They’ll choose from a menu of brow-inspired gift options and drive-thru to the collection window where a Benebabe will deliver the free goodies.”

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Image Courtesy: Benefit

Head make-up artist Lisa-Potter Dixon said: “Brows have the power to give you an instant eye lift and can totally transform your look.

“We’re taking our signature technique and beloved brow experts to Somerset for all festival-goers to rock a statement brow to match their feathers and glitter – it’ll be sure to get them into the festival spirit!”

Glastonbury gives us all a chance to rock as much or as little make-up as we like without being judged, but we have to admit, well-shaped brows are always a win. Slap on a bit of glitter and you’re good to go. Plus, beats sitting in traffic, right?

If you’re a fan of free stuff too, we’ve got even better news for you. Once inside the festival grounds, snap a picture of yourself with your goodies and upload to Twitter hashtagging #BenefitBrows and you’ll be in with a chance of winning a year’s supply of cult brow products. It really is a win-win. Unless you don’t win of course, but at least it’s free to enter.

Glastonbrow or unibrow, it’s totally up to you. We love your brows however rule or unruly!

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Get There: Glastonbrow, A37 Fosse Way, Lydford On Fosse, Somerset TA11 7BX.

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