Ten Must-Dos For Glastonbury Newbies

Glastonbury Festival crowd
Glastonbury is supposedly taking a 'fallow year' in 2018 (Getty Images)

Glastonbury Festival is just days away, but it is not just all about the music.

If this is your first time at Glasto, the sheer size of the festival ground is bound to leave you feeling a little bewildered.

Along with the headliners and selection of stages, there’s plenty of other things to see and do at the iconic event.

So to ensure you don’t spend your time looking like a startled deer in headlights, here are 10 must-dos that will help give you the full Glastonbury experience.

Watch The Sunrise From The Stone Circle

Festival-goers head up to the Glastonbury Stone Circle in their droves each morning, to watch the sun rise in all its glory. Make sure you’re one of them, as not only is it a sight not to be missed, but the atmosphere is something else.

Grab a bottle of the white stuff each morning (Photo: Facebook)

The Glastonbury Milk Float

When Glastonbury first launched in 1970, a bottle of milk was thrown in with the £1 ticket price. You can still pick up a bottle of the white stuff for £1, thanks to a tractor-pulled float that tours the grounds at the crack of dawn.

Grab A Cider At The Cider Bus

The Cider Bus is iconic. Julian Temperley, who owns the Somerset Cider Brandy Company, has been selling the golden nectar at the festival since 1970 and each year he returns with his blue double decker. Simplicity is the key, with only three variations of cider on sale. Bottoms up!

Climb the ribbon tower for a pretty ace view (Photo: antb/Shutterstock.com)

Climb The Ribbon Tower

The iconic Ribbon Tower can be found in the Park area of Glastonbury and festival-goers are able to climb all the way to the top, thanks to a hidden staircase inside. Don’t forget your camera, as the views are pretty amazing.

Seek Out A Dragon

Rumour has it, even Glastonbury creator Michael Eavis has no idea how the legendary Stone Dragon came to be at Glastonbury. But the fella makes a return each year – can you find it?

Cast A Keyring

Make sure you visit The Forge, where yesterday’s trash is made into today’s treasure. If you’re feeling creative, you can even cast your own keyring from an old teapot. As you do…

Can you solve the Rabbit Hole riddle? (Photo: YouTube/ The Rabbit Hole)

The Rabbit Hole 

Located by the Park Stage, The Rabbit Hole is legendary. As you enter, look around for a little brown door. Answer a series of riddles correctly and you’ll be allowed to go through the door and crawl down a tunnel to Alice In Wonderland. Prepare yourself for a whole new world!

Watch A Movie 

Love a film? Then make sure you head to the Pilton Palais Cinema. Kick back and catch anything from a documentary, sci-fi or even a retro classic such as Ghostbusters.


Roll Up, Roll Up

If you fancy a laugh, a trip to the circus could be right up your street. In fact, not only does Glastonbury have a Big Top, there is a whole Circus Field dedicated to theatrics. Expect some spectacular acrobatics, dancing and acting throughout the duration of the festival. There is even a bandstand.

Fill Your Boots

If you’re expecting to only dine on rubbish, over-priced burgers and greasy chips, think again. Glastonbury has around 500 pop-up food stalls throughout the site, serving up everything from delicious curries to burritos. Vegetarians are catered for in their droves, along with those who have dietary introlerences, and you can easily get your hands on healthy juices and freshly baked bread. Yumser. Glastonbury regulars include Henry’s Beard cafe – a winner for organic breakfasts – and Malinkey’s, which serves a three-course meal for around £24 a head.


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