Glastonbury To Return In 2018 – On One Condition

Glastonbury is supposedly taking a 'fallow year' in 2018 (

Glastonbury is taking a break next year – or is it?

Founder Michael Eavis has revealed that although the plan is for the Worthy Farm festival to take a “fallow year” to let the ground recuperate and give staff a break, he could still change his mind and host a 2018 event.

On one condition.

“I’m already regretting taking a year off in 2018. There’s one band I want to reform. If they reform, I’ll change my mind,” he said during a Q&A at Speakers Forum, according to Somerset Live, before adding: “It’s not One Direction”.

Sadly, he stopped short of actually naming said band, but Oasis were the first to spring to our minds. It’s probably safe to say they were the first to spring to everybody’s minds, in fact.

The calls to get Noel and Liam Gallagher back together for a reunion have never quietened but the constantly feuding brothers have yet to offer us a glimmer of hope that they may finally oblige.

Since it seems unlikely that the gates will open before 2019, it is only fair to bring you some sunnier, more concrete news.

Eavis and his daughter and co-organiser Emily are already busy planning for Glastonbury’s 50th anniversary in 2020, with plenty of “fresh ideas” and big acts in the pipeline.

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There is also talk of a new spin-off event called the Variety Bazaar, which Eavis dubs “the last big gamble of his life”, but this is not expected to come to fruition as early as next year.

Keep those fingers and toes firmly crossed everyone…

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