What’s next for Girls’ Lena Dunham?

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Lena Dunham is just 30 years old – yet the ‘Girls’ star is already a multimillionaire and two-time Golden Globe Award-winner. Not bad, eh?

But as the sixth and final series of ‘Girls’ gets set to hit out screens, what is next for the girl who – like her character Hannah Horvath – really did spread her wings in New York?

It has been almost four years since Lena landed a spot in Time’s 100 list of the world’s most influential people, and five since the first series of ‘Girls’ launched, yet her successful career is far from slowing down.

This year, Lena is set to release her latest book, which is a collection of 10 short stories and a novella. And if her 2014 biography, ‘Not That Kind Of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s “Learned”‘, is anything to go by, Lena will be laughing all the way to the bank. Again. Lena was reportedly given a $3.5 million advance for her biography and she’s spent the last three years crafting her latest offering to the literary world, so we can only imagine what this one will earn her. Wowzers.

Lena has been dating her musician boyfriend Jack Antonoff since 2012, but a 2017 wedding seems unlikely. Lena initially said she and Jack would only tie-the-knot once same-sex marriage was legalised, but although that has now happened, there is no sign of her walking down the aisle. She recently told the Telegraph: “It’s not that I am against marriage in any way, but I do like the fact that we have placed zero pressure on ourselves about it.”

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So how about kids? Leaked behind-the-scenes pictures from the series six set of ‘Girls’ appear to show Hannah with a baby bump. Could Lena be set to follow in her character’s footsteps.

Although she has admitted she does want to start a family, Lena has recently recovered from a long battle with endometriosis and that is putting paid to any baby plans…for now.

“Pregnancy is a huge physical change, and I have had such a raw experience with my body in my 20s that nothing could make me happier than just having a year of dancing around in my new, healthy body,” she also told the Telegraph.

Fair play, no one can blame her for that.

It seems for the short-term future, Lena is fully focused on finally finishing her book. But what about long-term?

Perhaps she has another hit TV show up her sleeve? One thing is for sure, if she has, it won’t be like ‘Girls’.

Chatting to Nylon, Lena recently admitted: “I wouldn’t do another show that starred four white girls.”

Defending ‘Girls’ following a previous racial backlash, she added: “When I wrote the pilot, I was 23….I was not trying to write the experience of somebody I didn’t know, and not trying to stick a black girl in without understanding the nuance of what her experience of hipster Brooklyn was.”

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One thing is for sure, our hankies at the ready. We will be sad to wave goodbye to ‘Girls’.

Girls series six, Sky Atlantic, 13 February