Girls: 7 Things We’ve Learned From Their Bedroom Antics

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‘Girls’ has seen its fair share of bedroom antics over the years and, as we prepare to wave goodbye to the HBO series forever (sob), we’ve taken a look back at some classic moments.

Here’s what we have learned from watching the stars get between the sheets:

1. Never ‘Get Fiesty’

Hannah hates this phrase, and we’re inclined to agree. It wouldn’t get us into bed.

2. Don’t play your own song while bonking

In series four, Marnie and Desi got down to it while up against a hallway wall. This would’ve been fine, if their own song wasn’t playing in the background. Cringe!

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3. Don’t nod off while ‘down there’

Booze may have had a part to play in this one. In series five, Dill arrived at Elijah’s and promptly began to give him a blow job. Then fell asleep. Whoops…

4. Save the break-up chat for afterwards

When Marnie and Charlie reunited following their series two break-up, things soon got steamy. It was so good in fact that Marnie began grilling Charlie on where he picked up his new techniques…while deep in the throws of passion. Probs not the best time, Marn.

5. Role play doesn’t always have the desired effect

To spice up their sex life, Hannah donned a blonde wig and tried a spot of role play with Adam in series three. However, her lingerie was like Fort Knox and the chat, as claimed by Adam, “didn’t make any f***ing narrative sense”.

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(Photo: YouTube/ HBO)

6. BJs and driving don’t mix

Hannah ‘rewarded’ Ray when he came to her rescue after her break-up with Fran. But after picking her up from the middle of nowhere, he accidentally crashed his van after Hannah…err…distracted him.

7. It’s good to talk

In the ‘Girls’ pilot, Hannah was seen struggling with her tights while Adam got a bit confused about where to put things… Hannah then chattered nervously throughout before Adam suggested they “play the quiet game”. If this doesn’t prove that sex doesn’t have to be sexy, nothing will.

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