Gin Lovers Rejoice: Gin Pong Finally Exists And We Need It ASAP

Gin Pong

You’ve heard of the infamous Beer Pong. Heck, you’ve probably even played it. It’s even pretty likely you’ve tried your hand at Prosecco Pong – because yes, that’s now also a thing. But this year, the Christmas Elves (aka the people who sell things on the internet) have come up with yet another glorious version.

Yes, my little gin lovers let us introduce you to a game called… well you guessed it: Gin Pong.

If you’ve ever watched American Pie or just gone to a house party, you’re probably already pretty familiar with this – and if you’re not – it won’t be long before you’re hooked.

While Beer Pong is commonly recognised for its plastic red cups, and Prosecco Pong has its cute pink coloured martini glasses, this set comes with 12 green plastic gin tumblers, plus two green and two yellow ping pong balls – how very coordinated! All you’ve got to provide is the beverage – or maybe several.

Just like the other drink versions, you fill the tumblers with gin, and then two (or more) players compete against each other. Each person has to throw a ping pong ball into a tumbler, and every time it lands in a cup, your opponent drinks it.

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Sounds pretty straightforward, but we can guarantee it becomes a tricky challenge once you’ve had a few drinks.

If you want to get your hands on one of these, you’ll be parting with £13.99, and ordering it from

However, you can’t get yours JUST yet. They’re currently due to get this game in stock for 12 October – so literally one week today, in time for the official “lead up to Christmas present buying” time. If we haven’t got our hands on one before then, we’ll definitely be letting Santa know this one’s on our list.

The only question left is, what alcoholic beverage will they be using next?

Just like the box says: Let the games be-gin!