Ready To Bare Your Bits For World Naked Bike Ride Today?

World Naked Bike Ride London
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If you’re heading into London today, you might be in for a big (or maybe little) surprise. Think bare bums straddling bicycle saddles and beavers and bratwursts at every turn. No we are not kidding, this is the World Naked Bike Ride after all.

These guys are pretty serious about the dress, or should we say undress code? To participate in the event all you need is access to a bike, Boris or other (although we hope Boris himself stays firmly inside today), and you have to have the balls to strip off. If pedalling through the streets of London in your birthday suit in front of thousands of passers by doesn’t sound appealing, read on.

World Naked Bike Ride
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There is of course a point to it all. Us British tend to be a little more modest (read: prudish), but getting your kit off today is all for a good cause. These ballsy naked pedallers are protesting against oil and car dependency and the dangers faced by cyclists every day on the roads. You’ve got to admit, it’s a pretty clever way of exposing a cyclist’s vulnerability. And if that’s not enough, it also celebrates bodies in all forms. Got wobbly bits, one boob bigger than the other or you’re missing two fingers? Who gives a damn. This ride will make you feel beautiful.

World Naked Bike Ride London
Getty Images News/Daniel Berehulak / Staff

If you’re still not feeling the bare butt situation then don’t stress because you can join in anyway. The dress code is ‘as bare as you dare’, so if you’re not down with getting in the nuddy, you are allowed to keep your kit on. The World Naked Bike Ride website says: “While nudity isn’t required to participate in this ride we encourage you to challenge yourself. Wear as little as you can while still feeling comfortable about it.”

We say go for it. Be proud of what you’ve got ladies, it’ll probably be quite liberating. Just what we all need after the General Election.

How Can I Join In The World Naked Bike Ride?

Sign up here.

Where do you meet in London?

Tower Hill, 14:30 assembly, 15:00 departure, Trinity Square Gardens EC3N 4DJ. Facebook event

Kings Cross, 14:15 assembly, 15:00 departure. Lewis Cubitt Park, N1C 4UZ. Facebook event

West Norwood, 11:00 body painting, 14:00 assembly, 14:30 departure, 242 Norwood Rd, SE27 9AW. This ride includes an optional return ride and BBQ. Facebook event

Hyde Park, 14:15 assembly, 15:00 departure, North Carriage Drive, nearest post code: W2 2ET Facebook event

Regents Park, 14:30 assembly, 15:00 departure, Cumberland Green, nearest post code: NW1 4NA. Facebook event

Clapham Junction, 14:30 assembly, 14:45 departure, Grant Road, SW11 2NU. This group also has an optional feeder ride starting from Kew Bridge at 13:45. Facebook event

Kew Bridge, 13:30 assembly, 13:45 departure, North end of Kew Bridge, W4 3NQ. This is an optional feeder ride which will join the Clapham Junction riders. Facebook event

The Route:

World Naked Bike Ride London

This event takes place in over 70 cities around the planet each year, so check out when World Naked Bike Ride is coming your way here.

Upload your pictures to Twitter if you’re there: #LondonWNBR

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