Dream Of Getting Paid To Travel? You Might Want To Consider One Of These Careers


Ever find yourself staring out of the window on the commuter train, dreaming of sacking it all in to travel the world?

You wouldn’t be the only one. But while many of us assume that only those with a huge bank of Mum and Dad propping them up could afford to leave the stress of the office behind for a globetrotting adventure, there are in fact many jobs that pay you to do just that.

Job site Indeed has ranked the top 15 best-paying jobs for travel addicts and revealed that it really is possible to combine air miles, adventure and earning potential.

It came up with its tempting list of cross-border careers after analysing the salaries of a range of jobs involving frequent travel. Management consultants came out on top, spending up to 80% of their working hours travelling for £55,236 a year on average, while freelance designers, some of whom spend all their time on the move, take home a respectable average of £45,754.

So if you’re not sure what to do post-uni or are contemplating a career move, you might want to investigate one of these options:

“Being paid to travel need not be a fantasy,” says Bill Richards, Indeed’s UK managing director. “For people with itchy feet and the desire to work among other cultures, jobs that require lots of travel can be hugely satisfying.

“They’re not for everyone, of course. A career spent on the road can be very tough for those with family and commitments, and living out of a suitcase for months can take the shine off travel for anyone.

“But loving what we do helps us thrive as an individual and achieve great things as a professional. If you have a passion for travelling and can combine it with a job you enjoy, the salary will be only half the reward.”

It might be time to start packing your suitcase…

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