How To Nail Glitter Braids This Festival Season

glitter braids
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For some of us, going to a festival is about listening to live music whilst throwing our best shapes and having a blast with our besties. For others, it’s a booze fuelled occasion with a side helping of snogs. Whatever you like doing at festivals, one thing is certain and that is by day two your hair will be matted and likely covered in beer after that bloke next to you decided it would be hilarious to chuck his cup into the air again.

But what is the answer to our festival hair woes? Let us introduce glitter braids.

Glitter braids are taking Instagram by the ponytail and pulling it into shape. If you’re more of a wash and air dry kind of girl this may seem daunting, but the end result is so damn pretty you’ve just got to give it a go.

From space buns, to French plaits, there is a braid out there for us all. We’ve seen all sorts of glittery goodness.

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Not only do glitter braids look like sparkly masterpieces, they are practical for festivals too.

Celebrity hairdresser and wigmaker Carl Bembridge describes glitter braids on his Instagram page:

“They’re perfect for festivals, as they keep hair out of your way, and it’s easy to disguise greasy roots with a quick sprinkle of dry shampoo.

“Add some serious glam with a layer of glitter all along the parting, it looks so cool!”

How Can I Get The Look?

While we’re no braiding experts here at Shevolution, luckily Génie-Rhian Hairdressing at C H & Co. Beauty Bar in Manchester has helped us out with this one.

Glitter braids1. Start by sectioning the hair centrally into two parts.

2. Take another section from the side of the parting ready to start the plait.

3. Create an ‘inside out’ French plait and secure with a grip.

4. Repeat step 2 and 3 on the other side of the parting.

Glitter braid instructions

5. Gather the hair into pigtails and smooth until it is tight.

6. Tie pigtails with hair bands.

7. Backcomb the pigtails and create a messy bun, secure with hair grips.

8. Spray parting with hairspray and sprinkle on the glitter, then spray all over again to hold your glitter braids in place.

Need help with how to braid? Check this tutorial out on YouTube:

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So this year when you start smelling less than fragrant drenched in sweat and mud, at least your hair is going to be on fleek.

If you do give it a go please tag us in your Twitter or Instagram pictures.

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