This Website Tells You How Much More Men At Your Work Are Earning Than You

gender pay gap uk
Women across the UK are being seriously shortchanged

Yep, it’s 2018, and we’re still talking about the gender pay gap. Recent statistics show that women across the UK are earning up £8,840 less than their male coworkers in certain regions, with Deloitte estimating that it will take until 2069 for the pay gap to be fully eradicated. For real.

It’s often hard to tackle such inequality as we don’t know what our colleagues are earning to justify kicking up a fuss, but a new website is here to help us know exactly how much more the men we work with are pocketing on the regs.

Created by political organisation the Women’s Equality Party, the site asks you to select the company you work for – it must be a registered company that hires over 250 staff members – from a dropdown list, before showing you how much women are earning for every pound a man makes. And believe us, there are some shockers in there.

For starters, fashion e-tailer is reportedly shortchanging women by 40.9p for every £1 a man earns – a staggering gap for a company that profits off of spending by millions of women around the world every year.

Similarly, women who work at Greggs, Cafe Nero and Tesco are earning 13p-2.6p less then their male counterparts.

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It doesn’t stop there, as you can also check how much more men in your constituency are earning than you, based on a sample of local businesses with over 250 employees. For example, if you work in Ashford, you’re averaging 13p less than men per pound.

Likewise, women in Bath effectively get 85p for every £1 earned by men, in Leeds Central it’s 88p for every male £1 and in Norwich South it falls back down to 85p.

You can try it out for yourself now at to see if you’re being shortchanged at your workplace or in your area. While it won’t show a difference for everyone – there are a handful of businesses and districts where pay is level – it highlights the huge and very real issue of pay discrepancy currently effecting women across the country.

Our tip? Screenshot the stats for your place of work, send it to your CEO and ask what’s being done in your company to make sure that gap is closed.