Gaz Beadle’s 85-Year-Old Granddad Raymond Becomes A Social Media Legend

(Instagram/ @raymondbeadle)
(Instagram/ @raymondbeadle)

Geordie Shore’s Gaz Beadle has never shied away from his close relationship with his granddad Raymond – and now the pensioner is getting his own taste of fame.

Following the launch of Gaz and Raymond’s own spin-off series, ‘Spring Break With Granddad’, the 85-year-old has amassed a whopping Instagram following.

Just 11 pictures in, and Raymond already has almost 10,000 followers. Proper mint, like!

Raymond’s posts range from him relaxing in an armchair while reading the paper, to a LOLs face-swap with Gaz.

Our fave, however, has to be one of the MTV promo shots for ‘Spring Break With Granddad’…and all because of the A-Mazing caption.

Alongside it, Raymond wrote: “Tom at number 7 sent me this Gary. He said next stop Hollywood. He said are you free for tea next week?”

We. Love. Raymond.

‘Spring Break With Granddad’ debuted on MTV earlier this month and it follows the pair as they head to Cancun in Mexico for spring break.

One of Raymond’s Instagram snaps shows him and Gaz onboard a plane. He captioned it: “Gary, found this, you took it before we flew to Mexico.

“This is before I knew what spring break was, no wonder you never told me until we got on the plane.”

Just classic.

‘Spring Break With Granddad, 9pm, MTV, Friday 17 February

Here are our fave Raymond posts:

Gary, I've just got my phone back from Josies. Are we on the tv yet son.

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