The Cheapest – And Most Expensive – Gap Year Destinations


Whether your A Level results suck, or you’ve totally aced it, you may well still be heading out to complete that most middle class rite of passage, a gap year abroad, in the near future.

If you haven’t already decided where to go, allow us to inform your decision. Because the way the pound is going at the moment, it will be more like a gap month if you don’t choose your destination carefully.

The clever folk at travel money specialists No.1 Currency have released some essential research on how much each country will set the average British student back on a typical £5,000 budget.

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The data monkeys discovered that, because of the falling value of GBP, £5,000 on a strict budget would only last for nine months in the cheapest of the most popular 14 gap year destinations, Colombia.

If a trip Down Under is more your style, be prepared for a gap six weeks, as Australia is by far the most expensive.

If you’re think of New Zealand, bare in mind that a day there costs four times as much as 24 hours in Thailand would be.

Here’s a league table of the most and least expensive ways to spend your funds. The flights are based on return fares from a London Airport as quoted on Skyscanner. The daily cost includes accommodation and meals according to data compiled by Lonely Planet.

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Gap Year League Table 2017
Graphic courtesy of No.1 Currency