Galaxy Food Is The New Rainbow Food – But Prettier

Galaxy Ice Lollies - Instagram/ Li-ChiPan
Photo by Instagram/ Li-ChiPan

Rainbow food is fun, don’t get us wrong. But the sheer volume of E numbers those colourful slabs of cake (and bagels, and croissants, and even string cheese) contained could have powered a small village. If said small village ran on a generator entirely manned by toddlers on hamster wheels.

Enter instead the latest new edible trend that not only looks spectacular, but is vegan and natural too: galaxy food.

You may have noticed a few of 15-year-old food trend mastermind Jose’s images popping up on your Instagram feeds recently, as they’ve gone completely viral.

She was originally inspired to design her coconut-based creations by digital art director Li-Chi Pan, who posted something similar last summer.

I never thought that the galaxy could taste so good …. #HomemadeIcecream

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Of course, there were also the galaxy doughnuts from this vegan bakery:

And let’s not forget these stunning mirror cakes by Russian chef Olga Noskovaa that captured our attentions last year and turned her into an Instagram “influencer”:

Друзья москвичи. Спасибо большое за обратную связь, которую я получила от Вас за эту неделю❤️ для меня это очень важно!!! И я прошу совета у Вас, реально ли устроить ребёнка в детский сад без московской прописки, желательно на Лужнецкой набережной, возможно сад, привязанный к хорошей школе. Буду признательна за Ваши советы, с номерами садов и школА также, возможно, кто-то из Вас сдаёт 1-2комн. квартиру в хорошем доме с парковкойкакой вообще порядок цен Спасибо и Обнимаю Вас The wind of change Thanks❤️

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This is hypnotic:

How incredible are they? The only trouble is, could you bare to eat any of them?

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