Kendall Jenner Faces Backlash After Another Disastrous Endorsement

Kendall Jenner
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Oh, Kendall. She probably didn’t think anything could be quite as bad as the backlash she got following that heinously poor taste Pepsi advert she was involved in last month. That changed this weekend after Fyre Festival in the Bahamas – which she played a part in promoting – spiralled into a disaster relief zone.

Organised by rapper Ja Rule and tech entrepreneur Billy McFarland, the event was billed as the most glamorous festival in history, strictly created for the elite and influential. A single weekend ticket cost posh punters $250,000, with the promise of gourmet food, bevvies of model babes, luxury accommodation and an impressive (kind of) musical line-up including Major Lazer, Skepta and Pusha T, among others. Here’s how it was advertised:

However, as festival goers started to arrive on the island, there were no such sun-drenched beaches, delicious food or, in fact, anywhere for them to stay. Instead, there were sheltered plastic tents usually used in areas of devastation following natural disasters. And this sad cheese sandwich:

It’s since been described as “the hunger games for rich kids”. Even the crystal clear water was inaccessible. Why? Due to a shark infestation problem. It really couldn’t get any worse.


Several models were wheeled out to take part in shoots and a promotional video for the festival in November last year, including Chanel Iman, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski and Hailey Baldwin. As did Kendall Jenner, who happens to have a larger target on her back at the moment. She got the harshest time of all on Twitter, as people pointed out she may well need to look for a new marketing manager in the near future:

Ja Rule released a statement on Twitter on Friday.

It read: “We are working right now on getting everyone of [sic] the island SAFE that is my immediate concern.

“I’m heartbroken at this moment my partners and I wanted this to be an amazing event it was NOT A SCAM … I truly apologize as this is NOT MY FAULT… but I’m taking responsibility.”

“The morning of the festival, a bad storm came in and took down half of our tents and busted water pipes,” McFarland told Rolling Stone. “Guests started to arrive and the most basic function we take for granted in the U.S., we realised, ‘Wow, we can’t do this.’ We were on a rush job to fix everything and guests were arriving and that caused check-in to be delayed. We were overwhelmed and just didn’t have the foresight to solve all these problems.”

Meanwhile, Chloe Gordon, who was originally brought onto the Fyre Festival project as a talent producer, wrote this epic account for The Cut on why the festival was always going to be a disaster.

Think we’ll stick to Glasto, thanks.

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