Hoorah It’s Gin O’Clock: Watermelon & Gin Cocktail Recipe

Gin cocktail
Courtesy of Girls Like Carbs

Happy World Gin Day one and all! What better way to celebrate this glorious day than to douse ourselves in gin-themed bevvies? Maybe you just need a stiff drink after a hard week. Either way, Girls Like Carbs has got you covered with this watermelon World Gin Day cocktail.


Ingredients – Makes Approx 4 Large Glasses

  • 1 x mini seedless watermelon (or 1/2 a large seedless watermelon)
  • 8 shot measures / 200ml gin
  • 4 shot measures / 100ml Passoa
  • 2 x limes
  • 4 x margarita glasses to serve

Make Your World Gin Day Cocktail

  • Halve the watermelon and cut a 1cm slice from the middle section (where it’s the brightest pinky-red melon). Cut this slice into little triangles for serving on the side of the glass
  • Scoop the rest of the watermelon fruit into a blender
  • Add the gin, Passoa, juice of 2 limes and blitz until smooth
  • Pour into serving glasses and chill for one hour in the fridge, or freeze for 10 minutes if your guests are expected imminently
  • Place a triangle on the side of each glass to serve
watermelon gin cocktail
Courtesy of Girls Like Carbs

 Now invite nobody round to your party and drink all your World Gin Day cocktails yourself, it is pretty thirsty work making all those drinks after all. #kiddingnotkidding


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