Forgot About Mother’s Day? Amazon One-Hour Flowers Are Here To Save Your Arse

Mothers Day notepad and flower
Shutterstock/Shyvoronkova Kateryna

We’ve all been there. Mother’s Day comes around and we realise we totally forgot to get our dear old mums anything and lunch is just hours away.

The florists are shut, the only cards left are ones that are painfully un-funny or sickeningly soppy and the supermarket’s flowers are wilting. But try not to flap, that’s where Amazon comes in.

Amazon has become the UK’s first major retailer to offer flower deliveries in less than 60 minutes. The least you can do last minute is get your butts onto Amazon and bag a bouquet for the special women in your life. The even better news is that the bunches start from just £15, so your mistake won’t even cost you…too much.

The Amazon ‘Prime Now’ delivery will set you back £6.99 for the speed and that’s on top of the yearly Prime cost of £79. But look on the bright side. If you sign up, you can access all the Prime films and TV programmes plus free next-day delivery for the year. If you’re still not convinced, you could just opt for the one month free trial and still get the Mother’s Day flowers you’re after (just remember to cancel it within the month if you’re not feeling it!).

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There is one more catch too. The deal is available only to certain postcodes in London, Leeds and Birmingham. So, only some you will be saved from your amnesia this year. Apologies on behalf of Amazon. The ultra-fast flower deliveries are available on or via the Prime Now mobile app for Prime customers, according to the Birmingham Mail.

Research by Optus Digital showed that 60% of mums said they never expect a gift on Mother’s Day. We think at Ladeez Bits it’s time we all started celebrating the women in our life more and if that means last-minute flowers, then so be it. It doesn’t have to be for just your mum either. Flowers for our partners or friends who are mums, our grandmas, or even the little lady next door who acts like a mum, everyone should be appreciated this Mother’s Day. After all, your mum probably is a cool mum, they all are.