Forget The Treadmill – These Are The Most Banging Exercise Classes To Try In The UK

Boogie Bounce
Credit: Boogie Bounce

Whether you’re a gym bunny bored of your routine, or the only lifting you do is a wine glass to your mouth, we think we can tempt you down to the gym. We’ve tracked down the most fun exercise classes in the UK and some even involve booze…

Boozy Yoga

Have you ever heard of anything so glorious? Drinking while burning the kcals? We didn’t think so. But how exactly can you downwards dog while sipping on your favourite bevvy we hear you cry? Well, you can’t exactly do both, just one after the other, but the cost of the drink comes with the entrance fee. Good Yoga Life regularly offer classes involving something of the sort. Buy £18 tickets here. London only.

Beer yoga


This quirky class is all about honouring your evolutionary blueprint. It is an exercise class that, according to the website is about embracing the human and the animal through movement and mind. We’re still not totally sure what it entails, but it sounds epic. £8 per class. Book hereManchester only.

Floating work out

FloatFit HIIT involves dreaded burpees as well as squats, V-sits, lunges and aqua climbers all while floating on a board in water. This sounds pretty hard but the fear of falling in surely ups the fun factor? It’s low-impact too. Find out more here. Available all over the country.

fun exercise classes
Credit: Aquaphysical

Yoga With A View

Yogasphere at the Shard might cost an arm and a leg as well as tie your arms and legs up in knots, but the view is totally worth it even if it’s just a one off treat. The Saturday morning sessions take place on level 24 and on a clear day you can see for 40 miles, apparently. Hate heights? This one really isn’t for you. £40 tickets per session. Find out more here. London only.


Whether you’ve got two left feet, think you’re Beyonce after a few drinks or you really can dance, Clubbercise will suit all abilities. The classes are made up of simple dance routines and the best bits are the glow sticks and disco lights. Prices vary. Find a class near you here. Available all over the country.

Electronic Cycling

Not quite as easy as it sounds. Your bike will not be doing the work for you, rather, you will be spinning to electronic music at Boom Cycle – “…the kind of quality electronic music you’d expect to find in London clubs,” according to Time Out. These fun exercise classes promise to be sweaty, hardcore, but fun rides. Book here. London only.

Boogie Bounce

Loved trampolining as a kid? Who didn’t? This class sounds too good to be true. The website describes the classes as “fab, fun, funky and fat burning,” what more could you want? The 45/50 minute HIIT classes are a jumping/stomping/dancing style workout on a mini trampoline performed to chart music. This doesn’t even sound like working out to us. Find your nearest class here. Prices vary. Available all over the country. 

Fat Buddha Yoga

It’s as intriguing as it sounds. Yoga has been given a modern twist by DJ, yoga junkie and Nike yoga trainer Jessica Skye. These fun exercises classes are pop-up and the venues vary from sunny rooftops, night club basements to five-star hotels. If you’re after a class that is accessible, fun and 100% un-daunting, this is the one for you. Their website states: “Always welcoming good vibes and open minds, FBY never takes yoga (or life) too seriously”. Where do we sign up? Oh yeah, here. London only.

Little Mermaid Spin Classes

There’s actually little about this Poolbiking class that has anything to do with The Little Mermaid, except that it’s in the water! If you find spinning too hard on your joints, now is your chance to try it. Or maybe just the idea of spinning while being in a cool pool appeals to you. You can head to a class at aquAllure who suggest you burn up to 800kcals per class. Book here. London only.

Pool Biking

Party Workout

Ministry Does Fitness offer up the ultimate work out party. You can sweat, dance and squat under  a disco ball to your heart’s content. It seems to be all positive vibes at these fun exercise classes. What we love even more is that they have a bar. Arches bar offers up protein shakes for the keenos and coffees and booze for everyone else. Buy sessions here. London only.


We at Shevolution are digging this class. So much so we’ve already reported on it before. This class by David Lloyd really is the ‘exercise’ class of dreams that involves little more than a 45 minute snooze. In reality, the cardiovascular fitness benefits are not there , but the room is kept at a temperature that promotes calorie burning during sleep. But there is more to health than what you burn off, maybe your lack of sleep is what’s causing you to be unhealthy? Just to be on the safe side, we all better check it out here. Available all over the country.

Photo by David Lloyd Gyms


This pool class involves swim challenges, resistance training and a full body work out, all in the pool. This is run by Virgin Active and you can find out more here. Available all over the country.

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If you’re not sold on exercise now, you never will be. We can’t say we didn’t try.

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Originally published 27 May 2017