Forget 2016’s Nude Lip Because Mac Have Just Brought Back Colour


If you’re still trying to work out how to pull off that impossible nude lip trend, we wouldn’t bother. Mac Cosmetics has just made it official that colour is back for 2017 and we can’t wait to try it out.

The cosmetics company has taken away our January blues because they’re launching a 28-piece collection called ‘Mac Colour Rocker’ and we’re already digging it. What’s not to love about these fabulous fruity shades?

Ashley Rudder who is a Senior Make-Up Artist for the company, announced the news on Twitter sending beauty bloggers and us, into a frenzy. Now don’t get us wrong, half (or more) of these shades are going to be pretty tricky to pull off…imagine showing up to your grandma’s birthday party with lime green lips? Let’s not. But surely we can give a few of them a go? We do love minimalism, but keep your outfit low-key in a LBD or jeans and a tee and maybe, just maybe, some of these ever so cool lip shades will work?

If you’re not feeling the illuminous hues then not to worry as Mac has something for everyone. The matte shades also come in some more neutral hues such as ‘Gritty Girl’ and ‘Digging It,’ that won’t give your mum/dad/aunty a heart attack. Just check out a few of the more minimal shades here:

But if you’re going bold and sassy this year (and why the hell shouldn’t you after such a depressing 2016?), there are even more to choose from. You may end up saying goodbye to your old faves like ‘Russian Red’, but with ‘Carmine Rouge’ available, we’re hardly going to shed a tear.

The new shades are available for a limited time only so from 26 January to 9 March get your hands (or should we say lips?) on as many as you can. It’s time to shake up your beauty regime and start the new year in style.