Football Club Becomes First To Pay Men’s And Women’s Teams The Same

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Can we please all take a moment to congratulate Lewes FC, which has become the first ever football club to pay its women’s team the same as it’s men’s.

The team announced the move as part of what they dubbed the ‘Equality FC’ campaign, and, while they might not be one of the Premier League giants (the men’s team is in eighth tier of the English game, the women’s in the third tier), it’s a pioneering achievement in British sport we hope will be widely recognised and repeated.

Not only does the club plan to equal the five-figure budget for both the men’s and women’s teams, they also intend to provide equal training, equipment and recruiting resources.

“At Lewes FC, we believe that there should be a level playing field for women in football,” director Jackie Agnew told the Telegraph.

“By committing to paying our women’s and men’s teams equally, and providing equal resource for coaching, training and facilities, we hope to spark a change across the UK that will help put an end to the excuses for why such a deep pay disparity has persisted in our sport.”

Lewes FC Women's team
Lewes FC women’s team

“For female players to have the same rewards as their male counterparts for doing the same job is a fantastic leap forward for women’s football,” added Lewes’ women’s manager, John Donoghue.

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“This sends a powerful signal to not only our players and our club, but to the whole UK football community that women’s football deserves an equal voice and support to men’s.”

The news comes two years after it was highlighted that men’s England captain Wayne Rooney earned £300,000 per week, while women’s England captain Steph Houghton made £35,000 during an entire year.

Here’s hoping the lads are listening – it’s about time you gave us the option of a career in sport that pays the bills, whether or not we’re Serena Williams.

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