This Is What The Flower Reaction Symbol On Facebook Actually Means

Facebook reactions

Hands up who was a little confused when people started ‘flower liking’ posts on Facebook post? We’ll join you there, as we didn’t have clue what it meant at all. A hippy emoji, perhaps? Peace and love? Here, you deserve a flower? It just didn’t make sense to us.

Well, the powers that be at Facebook HQ have reportedly decided to trial the daisy across some of their social media markets as more of a regular thing and have decided it might be time to break the mystery surrounding it and let us know what its actually for.

It was originally employed as a reaction to mark Mother’s Day, which was celebrated in 80 different countries including the US over the weekend.

Now, its being brought back to symbolise… Wait for it… All those “thankful” and “grateful” moments we get when we’re feeling as though we’re competing in an American talent/reality series. Hmm.

It is not yet known about when the flower reaction will be available to UK users, but if you see it lurking about on posts, you’ll know, in a fist-clutched-to-heart reaction-icon, what its on about.

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