First Ever Female-Only Music Festival To Happen In Summer 2018

statement festival
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Fancy going to a festival with your girl squad, having a few drinks and a laugh while watching your favourite bands – all with the bonus of no sleazy blokes around to cat-call you? Then you might want to head to Sweden to the Statement Festival.

This first female-only event will be held from 31 Aug to 1 Sep 2018, and will have capacity for 10,000 women from any background to attend. Bring it on!

Why a man free festival?

Earlier this year we reported on the awful incidents that inspired comedian Emma Knyckare to set up a festival where no men are allowed to attend.

This summer the popular Swedish music festival Bravalla in Norrkoping, Sweden – who bill themselves as being the “biggest music festival in Sweden”, came under fire from four rapes and twenty-three sexual assaults that happened on-site.

That’s in addition to more incidents at other large-scale music events in the same country. In a bid to stop such horrible events, the organisers of Bravalla have cancelled next year’s event because they believe that “men cannot behave.”

That’s not to suggest that EVERY festival is just as bad, but action needs to happen, and festival-goers should really be able to feel safe in their environment.

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That’s why Emma Knyckare decided to set up Statement Festival. She wants to create an event where women feel it is a “safe space” and “man-free”.

A Kickstarter campaign was started earlier this year to help raise funds to stage the festival. Thankfully for us girls, it’s raised the target amount of £47,000 by more than 3,000 people. The Kickstarter page reads:

“Statement Festival wants to change this and in the summer of 2018, we will arrange the world’s most awesome music festival – without cis-men.

“Help us to create a safe space for the people who want to attend a festival without being scared for their personal safety.”

A team of 22 people are under way with organising it. The £47,000 funds will be used to cover all costs such as renting the space for the association, decent security as well as paying artists to perform.

Tickets cost from £73 and can be purchased from