The Best Tips And Tricks For Finding Cheap Flights Online

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Fly away without splashing the cash

Now the weather is getting colder, we’re starting to get that travelling itch, making us feel the need to book a flight to somewhere with plenty of sun, sea and sand. However, booking flights last minute isn’t always easy, with lots of seats already booked out and summer prices coming at a premium.

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That doesn’t mean you can’t find the flight you want at the price you want though – the internet is a magical place, full of great resources to help you book your seat without breaking the bank. So if you’re looking to get your next getaway in the diary, take a look out our top sneaky tips for getting cheap flights.

Clear you cookies

You probably know this one already, but websites will track your activity and know that you’ve been snooping around for flights already, making them more likely to put prices up for you than down. Clear all of your cookies, cache and browsing history and they’ll view you as a brand new customer – and might even give you a great rate to tempt you in.

Use comparison sites

Thank god we’re alive in 2018 and not 1988. Imagine having to call up a book a flight with an airline directly! Now there are plenty of great comparison sites out there that’ll find you the best flights for the best prices from a whole host of airlines, our favourites being SkyScanner, Travel Supermarket and Google Flights. They’ll even show you the best places to book them, which isn’t always directly through the carrier. Lots of reliable third party sites snap up great deals on your behalf, saving you even more cash – just always check the site is legit by reading reviews before you hand over your cash.

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Price up the whole month

If you can be flexible, do be. We’ve found it’s often cheaper to fly out on a Tuesday than a Monday, and a Saturday than a Friday. Plus, as summer gets closer, days in July and August are getting more expensive, but late June/early July is still a bit cheaper. Try to view the whole month of prices – which you can easily do through many comparison sites – to find the optimum travelling dates. Google Flights even shows you a price graph for the weeks surrounding your proposed dates, displaying when it’s cheapest to make your trip. Magical.

Fly to different airports

Often it’s cheaper to fly out from one airport and back into another – especially if you live in or around a major city. You’ll notice that comparison sites will show you nearby options, so if you don’t mind arriving or departing at a different place from where you started, then you’ll likely bag an even better price.

For example, this flight to Rome in early June is cheapest with two separate bookings through two different airlines, departing from different London and Rome airports. All are well connected to their respective cities, so you should have no problem making it work.

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Get cashback

If you want to save even more cash on your trip, don’t underestimate the power of cashback sites, such as or TopCashback. They often have great rates whether you’re booking directly with an airline or through a booking site like Expedia, giving you a percentage of your total price straight back to your bank account. Think of it as an added discount code without actually needing a code (although they do have some of those too!).