8 Feminist Films On Netflix That’ll Have You Shouting ‘Girl Power!’

Nappily Ever After is one of Netflix's feminist big hitters

Sometimes, a simple, thoughtless romcom just won’t cut it, and you need to watch something that makes you feel good about womankind. Whether it’s a night in alone or a Netflix binge sesh with your BFFs, nothing quite beats an empowering feminist flick.

You’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of those waiting on the streaming service for you right now, so you don’t have to roll your eyes at yet another problematic Hollywood title. From big-budget blockbusters to artsy Sundance flicks, and comedies to documentaries, we guarantee these picks will have you feeling feminist af in no time.

The Art of Loving

Hell YEAH sex positive feminism. This flick tracks the life and work of Polish sexologist Michalina Wislocka, who fought against the patriarchy to have her book of sex facts and tips published, which would go on to change the love lives of Polish people forever.


Forget the 1984 version. In 2016, we were treated to a fabulous remake featuring four fierce leading ladies, each as (if not more) talented and hilarious as their predecessors. When ghouls take over Manhattan, they join forces and jump into action to save a whole city from destruction. If that’s not girl power, we don’t know what is.

20th Century Women

Set in 1979, this 2016 movie follows a single mum on a mission to help her son find his way in the world, with the help of two equally interesting and inspiring women. Because what better way is there to teach men about the opposite sex?

Nappily Ever After

For women of colour, making their hair look ‘normal’ (aka straight and European) is a life-long chore. So when one woman decides enough is enough, she embraces her natural state and embarks on an inspiring journey of self acceptance. A must-watch for anyone who claims to understand intersectional feminism or wants to learn more.

Bad Moms

Yes it’s a bit of a cheesy Hollywood flick, but we challenge you not to shout yassssss throughout this one. Mila Kunis plays a mother pushed to her limits by all the expectations of womanhood, from the perfect house to the perfect body. But when she gives it the two fingers, she fully lets her hair down and major hilarity ensues.

She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry

Women’s marches are nothing new, as this documentary beautifully explores. Following various feminist protest groups from the seventies to the modern day, filmmaker Mary Dore showcases the different forms and faces of the ongoing fight, from race-focused projects to LGBTQ+ organisations. Prepare to come away feeling more inspired than ever.

Seeing Allred

She’s the attonery helping women fight for justice in the #MeToo era, and whether it’s Donald Trump or Bill Cosby, Gloria Allred will not be silenced. This 2018 documentary will show you the amazing things woman can and are achieving with help and support from each other, especially when it comes to challenging the most powerful men.

Blue is the Warmest Colour

This coming-of-age romantic flick is so much more than a lesbian love story. It’s a story of self discovery, growth and empowerment, telling the tale of a young woman going for what she really wants and not settling for anything less. Yes 👏 to 👏 that 👏.