Eurostar To Launch Direct Route From London To Amsterdam

Bicycles are synonymous with the Dutch city of Amsterdam (Shutterstock)

Holidaymakers looking to book their next city break will be thrilled to hear that Eurostar is launching a direct route from London to Amsterdam as early as this year.

The picturesque Dutch city has long been a favourite among travellers and, with its gorgeous canals, quaint bicycles, beautiful tulips, arty attitude, delicious food and craft beer, it’s easy to see why.

The journey by train will take just under four hours, with two services a day departing from St Pancras International.

The cost of a ticket is yet to be confirmed, but NS International, the company behind Eurostar, aims to rival budget airlines with its prices.

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Over three million passengers make the journey between London and Amsterdam every year, so a major price war is expected.

Eurostars between London and Rotterdam are in the “final stages of preparation”, according to the Evening Standard, and set to follow shortly after the Amsterdam route opens.

Eurostar introduces its new e320 trains onto the London to Brussels route this Sunday, with single tickets on offer for just £25.

How about going down under?

In related news, Quantas, the flag carrier of Australia, has started selling tickets for a direct flight from London to Perth. It will be the longest non-stop route in the world, with the first flight due to take off from London on 25 March next year.

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You’d better get saving if you want to join the Kangaroo route, mind, as return tickets start at a whopping £1,095.

Eyes watering at that price? Have a browse of the best value city breaks to enjoy instead, from Krakow to Lisbon.

Passports at the ready gang.

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